Vintage Gas Station Memorabilia

One of the trickiest components of the decor of a home or business to incorporate into a theme is the timepiece. Many clocks are simple, basic clocks that help people tell time, but do very little in the way of complimenting the theme of your room or establishment. Digital clocks often come with a lot of features too, such as outside temperature, humidity, and it can seem like they provide people with a lot of value, but what if there was more value in the visual aesthetics of the memorabilia you include? What could a gas station clock do for the overall atmosphere you’re attempting to create? Would more people be attracted to your room with the final piece for your garage, workshop, game room, or business if one of these beautiful pieces of memorabilia was part of your collection?mobil-gas-clock

Light Up Clocks Really Do More Than Tell Time

It’s often said that there isn’t enough time to do everything we want to do in any given day. With clocks on smart phones and tablets, people are abandoning their traditional timepieces like watches because they can see the time every time they use their phone to call or text someone. Did you know that people utilize clocks to adjust the pace of their day so they can make sure to accomplish as much as possible? When there is a light up clock on the wall that clearly displays the time at any time of day, people will utilize these clocks more than a watch or smart phone because the time can be told at a glance. This means a well-placed gas station clock that will help to motivate!

Gas Station Clocks Aren’t Bad Gifts At All!

It’s been said that giving the gift of a clock is a bad thing. Now if a younger person were to give an older person a clock as a gift, it could be considered rude because the gift could be perceived as a reminder that the older person doesn’t potentially have as much time left in this world. Some may choose not to give the gift of a clock because it sinclair-dina-gas-clockseems like it won’t actually fit in with the environment that someone is trying to create. Gas station clocks solve both problems because although you may be giving the gift of a clock, you’re also giving a great gift of memorabilia that reflects personal affiliations.

Gas station clocks come in a number of different styles:

  • There are many light up clocks with popular logos and branding, such as Sunoco and Polly Gas
  • There are multiple colors that help to compliment any décor, from the traditional white background to yellow to blue or even black
  • There are gas station clocks that are reflective of vintage advertising efforts for the products the clocks represent.

Because of the uniqueness of these clocks, you won’t send the wrong message if you choose to give one as a gift. That’s especially true if you decide to give one as a gift to yourself today! Highly affordable and incredibly beautiful, these clocks are a piece of memorabilia that you’re not going to want to miss out having!

Let Your Love For Vintage Memorabilia Include a Great Clock

One you step into a room that is dedicated to vintage memorabilia, and especially to memorabilia that is of one particular brand or style, the appearance of a bland, plain clock can ruin the flow of the entire room. For this reason, many people choose not to include a clock in their decorating schemes because the blandness of a basic clock, no matter how fancy or expensive that clock might be, will ruin the environment that is being created with all of the other memorabilia.champion-spark-plugs-clock

These light up clocks that feature gas station symbols in a variety of ways do more than just compliment a garage or a workshop space. A restaurant with an automobile theme could benefit from a gas station clock because it compliments the theme of the space. A game room that focuses on Americana can benefit from one of these clocks because of the history of Route 66, the love of the traditional American road trip, and the nostalgia that these memories produce in people. Instead of allowing a room to be incomplete, you could finish off the perfect atmosphere in style with a stunning light up clock.

These Clocks Are Perfect For Every Racing Fan!

It’s been said that racing automobiles has been around ever since the second automobile was created. The love for racing cars is something that binds families together as they cheer for their favorite drivers, racing companies, and product suppliers. We feel a kindred with a driver when we can relate to them and these drivers use specific products to give them the best chance of winning, including oil and gas products by specific producers and suppliers. These brands are reflected in the light up clocks provided here, allowing you to compliment your collection of racing memorabilia.

Wouldn’t a Branded Clock Ruin the Look of Someone’s Home?

There’s no doubt that incorporating gas station clocks into the average home can be somewhat challenging. Adding a gas station logo in a light up clock wouldn’t necessarily be the first choice for the living room or the kitchen! These clocks, however, are the perfect addition to rooms or areas that don’t necessarily get a lot of love and attention… and could benefit from the use of a clock!pennzoil-gas-clock

Where are these gas station clocks often hung in the home?

  • In garages and workshops.
  • In man caves.
  • In game rooms.
  • In home bars.
  • In the miscellaneous areas.

Because we pace our day based on what the time happens to be, many people choose to have clocks sprinkled throughout the house so they can always have a reference point on the time. This is much easier than pulling out an iPhone or other smart phone to check the time… and it’s even easier than glancing at a watch! Having a variety of different clocks throughout the house gives variation, style, and a sense of what your personality is for each room. That’s why a gas station clock is often the perfect addition to one of the rooms listed above.

The Best Part? These Clocks Are Built To Last!

Many gas station clocks or light up clocks are built to provide a maximum margin for retailers and producers. This creates an inferior product that will often degrade to the point where the clock will not function within a year or two! When you’re purchasing a piece of memorabilia, you want it to last. These clocks are durable, reliable, and priced just right.

Featured with backlighting, these clocks bring back the neon clocks of the 1950’s in a modern way. At 14 inches across, it is the perfect size for easy viewing within a room, yet isn’t so big that it dominates the room when it is lit up. The coating of the clock is scratch resistant and firmly riveted in place, letting it withstand some of those accidental bumps it’s bound to get over time. It’s also UV resistant, meaning it won’t try to yellow on you over time.

Best of all, you won’t need one of those incredibly expensive batteries to have this clock run. All it takes is a single AA battery! If you don’t mind the cord, these gas station clocks also have the ability to plug into any standard 110v outlet. With a standardized quartz movement and 1 year warranty, you can rest assured that the quality of this clock won’t be compromised just to add a few extra bucks to the profit margin.

Is a Gas Station Clock the Right Choice For You?

Whether you are looking to add a little extra ambience to a room in your home or to your business, a gas station clock is definitely a viable choice to make that happen. Reminiscent of the neon clocks that were popular in a different generation, these clocks add a level of memorabilia to a home or business that creates a stunning first impression. Instead of checking their smart phones for the time, your visitors will simply take a look at this beautiful clock to see what kind of pace their day needs to have.

If you’ve been looking for a clock or know someone who loves vintage memorabilia, these light up clocks are the perfect item. Pick out your favorite one today and add it to your vintage memorabilia collection!

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