Retro Pin-Up Girl Decor

Nothing speaks of American history more than the pin-up girl does. Featured in most product advertisements in the 1940’s, 50’s, and even the early 60’s, the original pin-up girl was Fernande Berry and her images date back to World War I. Pin-up girls have always been the epitome of the kind of girl that men wanted, who women wanted to be, and it was an effective tool to sell everything from calendars to gasoline. Any retro or vintage enthusiast would love to have a metal sign with a pin-up girl to add to their collection. It’s simply a fun way to decorate any space!Pin-up girl. American style

The Days of the Cheesecake Photos Are Back!

There’s just something nice about the image of a beautiful, shapely woman that is scantily clad. These images, which are sometimes called “cheesecake photos,” are a tribute to the beautiful women that around us each and every day. These images, which were often based on photographs of actual models in similar poses, were often a way to remember that special girl back home, awaiting the safe return. Though some may see pin-up girls as a demeaning representation of the female form, the intent of these images has always been to honor it in some way.

You can honor your favorite girl with one of these amazing vintage metal signs featuring the classic cheesecake photographs for products, services, and other forms of advertising today. Which one of these vintage tin signs is the right one for you?

Vintage Pin-Up Girls Are For Any Occasion

The beautiful thing about pin-up girls on a vintage metal sign is that they come in just about every version of Americana that you can dream up. This gives you the perfect opportunity to compliment any look for your home, add a memorable piece of flair to your business, or simply create that perfect space where you can sit back, relax, and remember the best of days. Our pin-up girls on metal signs come in:

  • vintage product advertisements,
  • military promotional items,
  • service industry signs, such as gas stations and garages, and
  • postage stamp replicas.

Whether you prefer blondes, brunettes, or redheads, there’s a perfect pin-up girl just pinup-girl-garage-signwaiting for you. From pin-ups posing on muscle cars to a lucky lass with a pint, you can see the nostalgia in every single image available on our metal signs. Discover your newest wall decoration today!

A Man Cave Deserves a Beautiful Woman

There is no more perfect decoration for the modern man cave than a vintage pin-up girl. These women pose with awesome cars, favorite brands, and are even wrapped up in the American flag for a touch of patriotic flair. Each model brings with her a certain personality that is on display, letting you create the character and ambiance you want for your man cave at an affordable price. All of the tin signs featuring pin-up models are authentic replications of the original cheesecake photographs that were used in marketing purposes decades ago.

Who says you have to be your grandfather to appreciate a beautiful pin-up model?

Vintage Metal Signs Are Easy To Install

Maybe the best part about investing into vintage metal signs is that they are incredibly easy to install. Have you ever invested into some wall art that you had to hang with two nails, perfectly level, and perfectly spaced apart? Even with the right tools, that can be a difficult task to accomplish! With our pin-up girls available in a wide variety of themes and styles, you’ll be able to create the customized look for your garage, bathroom, den, restaurant, workshop, and other location quickly, easily, and afford-ably with these stunning metal signs. Drilled and riveted for easy hanging, you can have the perfect image at an incredibly affordable price… right now!


Pin-Up Girls Add a Level of Vintage Sophistication

Beyond the advantage of having beautiful women displayed prominently in your home or business, vintage metal signs with pin-up girls bring a level of sophistication to any environment. You can add a level of nostalgia that is second to none. You can create talking pieces that will spur engaging conversations. You’ll help take people back to a different time, a different place, and even different life circumstances and create a positive home or customer experience. That’s why pin-up girls add a level of vintage sophistication to whatever environment they happen to be in.pinup-girl-usa-sign

Permanence Through Sublimation

How are our vintage metal signs with pin-up girls made so that they are such a durable, almost permanent fixture within the home? It starts through the use of high grade American steel that is durable and reliable because without a proper foundation, a metal sign is essentially worthless. Upon that foundation, an image is placed on a sign thanks to a process called “sublimation.” This means the image on the sign is actually baked onto it through a powder coating. Each sign is then given a vintage appearance by hand, giving that aesthetically appealing retro appearance even though it is a brand new sign. Perfect for indoors, these signs are not designed to defeat the outdoor elements. If you want a pin-up girl, there’s no easier way to get one than this!

Are You Ready For Your Own Pin-Up Girls?

The best part about the pin-up girls on our vintage metal signs is that they are completely affordable. They make the perfect gift… and don’t forget about giving yourself a gift as well! Each pin-up girl sign is handmade in the USA, features materials crafted in the USA, and is a perfect representation of what modern Americana is all about. If you are looking for that perfect image to compliment your home or business, consider the variety and beauty that these pin-up girls could bring your walls today.

2 thoughts on “Retro Pin-Up Girl Decor

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