10 Reasons to Buy Our Retro License Plate USA Map Tin Sign

While we have many eye-catching retro signs in our collection, one of our most popular signs is our USA map, which is made out of pieces of vintage license plates from every state. Once you check out this unique license plate sign, you probably won’t need a reason to buy it–it’s just that cool, but in case you need some motivation, here are 10 great reasons why this sign is a great find.usa map licence plates sign

1. The license plate sign is a piece of automotive and transportation history.

2. The colorful design will match virtually any decor or color palette.

3. At 35 inches by 21 inches in size, the sign is big enough to be easily noticed in any space, but it’s not so big that you need to have a large amount of empty wall space to accommodate it.

4. The USA map is a great addition to classrooms as well as to homes and can help kids learn geography in a fun way.

5. The manufacturer has drilled and riveted the sign, making it easy to hang.

6. For decorating a business, this license plate design is patriotic and very stylish. It looks great in restaurants, bars, garages, stores and in many other settings.

7. The sign is a guaranteed conversation starter. People love seeing the different license plate signs gathered together in one unique design.

8. License plate signs make excellent gifts for car lovers, and this one is extra special because it is shaped like a map of the United States.

9. Unlike other license plate signs, this map is sublimated, meaning the artwork is baked on. This makes the sign more durable than a painted sign that can peel or flake.

10. The USA map is made in America, so your purchase helps to support manufacturing jobs in the U.S.


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