33 New Signs and Clocks – October 7

New signs added this week include 5 very retro cut-out shaped signs that are reminiscent of the drive-in theatre intermission jingle – “Let’s all go to the lobby.”

Retro Hot Dog Tin-Metal SignRetro French Fry Tin-Metal Sign

Retro Hamburger Tin-Metal SignRetro Popcorn Tin-Metal Sign

Retro Soda Pop Tin-Metal SignVintage Aero Eastern Tin-Metal Sign

Vintage-Retro American Gasoline Tin-Metal SignRetro Breakfast Tin-Metal Sign

Retro Chili Tin-Metal Sign LARGEVintage-Retro Coast Guard Wall Clock

Retro Coffee Tin-Metal Sign LARGEVintage-Retro Corsair Wall Clock

Retro Cut Your Own Tin-Metal Sign LARGERetro Dad's Garage Tin-Metal Sign LARGE

Retro Eat at Stan's Wall ClockVintage Fresh Apples Tin-Metal Sign

Retro Hancock Oil Tin-Metal SignRetro Keep Calm and Smoke Tin-Metal SignRetro Lions Drag Helmet Tin-Metal Sign

Retro Lions Drag Strip Tin-Metal Sign LARGERetro Mangia Tin-Metal Sign LARGE

Vintage New York Streets Tin-Metal SignRetro Open 24 Hours Tin-Metal Sign LARGE

Retro Popcorn Tin-Metal Sign LARGEVintage Ringmaster Wall Clock

Vintage Rooster Brand Tin-Metal SignRetro ROP Gasoline Tin-Metal Sign

Retro Tis The Season Tin-Metal Sign LARGERetro Verona Travel Tin-Metal Sign

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